Best way to remove arm hair?

what's the best way to remove arm hair so that it'll last for at least a week?

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Ok so I have really REALLY dark arm hair! And I have only done this a couple of times, I usually wax my arm hair but I really want to try bleaching it!

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yep, only waxing would be able to keep them down for about that long
everything else isnt what your looking for
as the hair will grow back withing1-3 days

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The only thing that's going to last a week is waxing... or the epilator which plucks out the hair like a tweezer...

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ouch! wax! its a good option...ummm try using veet hair removl cream for arms and legs-works really good...but probly only lasts bout 5 daysish than short hairs start growing in but less painful than wax...and you can use it on your legs!

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get wax..that helps a lot.

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if it is really important then just colour it,cause every thing(waxing,shaving,threading,etc...)r really dangerous,and if you do that once you should do that always!!! hope to feed u =)

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If you want it to last that long you'll probley have to go with waxing.

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you can use wax, you can use veet, they are both very harsh for your skin... and veet/nair test on animals... which means lots of animals suffer for you to be able to get smooth arms or legs, or whatever.. I would sugguest just shaving them...

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