Are you liberated or conservative type?

Are you liberated or conservative type?

Answer #1

I will answer with the words actually written in the Q: I have been liberated from this world by taking Jesus as my personal Savior as we are only temporarily aliens on this little earth anyway. I agree with amblessed, for, morals supersede any party affiliation, and I’m registered republican and, of course, a conservative: I ranch! If one is pro-choice, they will not get my vote, simple as that. They must exude integrity, by which I do not see a clear voting plan for either side in this go round ‘cept for Mrs. Palin. When whomever wins, I must trust the Lord for His perfect plan always works for the good. Sure not in MY timing, ONLY His to be revealed in time. It IS HARD to accept Thy will be done when there is so much garbage to sort in my feeble little mind. When will we all humble ourselves and get out of the “personal peace and affluence” mode?

Answer #2

I think integrity and solid moral values are of utmost importance wherever that puts me - voting, it’s person over party.

Answer #3

There’s nothing more annoying than the debate on politics. Each and every political hopeful does nothing more than be the puppet of their respective parties. They stroke the mainstream feathers of special interest groups, make promises they have no intention on keeping, spend millions of dollars on campaining for themselves instead of investing it on the people they claim to represent and sling mud on the other candidates and slander the reputations of others in order that their own dark deeds won’t look as bad as “the other guy”. Electoral candidates would sell their own mother if they could become the leader of a country. The may come off as sounding genuine, but look at the scandals and betrayals that have followed the many leaders from history. Not just America but I’d dare say almost every country has had to deal with this. So the vote no longer is about liberalism and conservative it’s a schoolyard fiasco of monumental proportion where there will be no winners, just losers. The voters as a whole.

Answer #4

“No, jimahal…

I’m a liberated person…and a conservative politically…”

Easy there phrannie, it was just a joke…

Answer #5

No, the reason he has become un-ethical is because he has changed his stance on a lot of things and has begun to play to his republican base in ways he never did before..

Answer #6

No, jimahal…

I’m a liberated person…and a conservative politically…

Again read the question…possible typo…but I’m not in the position to read the questioners mind.


Answer #7

Most of an the answers are american, where there’s basically the democrats (liberals) and republicans (conservatives) and well the independents dont stand a chance…

Answer #8

Shouldn’t it be right wing or left wing? Cause there’s like loads of different parties asides from liberal or torie.

For example, labour is currently in power over here in England.

Or are you not talking about political parties?

If so, there are so so many different political stances someone can take.

I’m a socialist. Fight the rich, not their wars.

Answer #9

So amblessed, does abandoning an invalid wife because she is no longer a beauty queen, for a much younger richer beauty queen, show solid moral values?

Does reversing oneself on every “maverick” stance ever taken in order to win the nomination show integrity?

Please tell me exactly how Obama doesn’t show integrity and solid moral values?

Answer #10

I am somewhere right in the middle. I dont classify myself as anything. I agree with who and what I agree with. Liberal or Conservative. In this election, I am leaning more toward the conservative side.

Answer #11

Do you mean liberal? The only thing I’ve ever been liberated from was my marriage.

Answer #12

I’m more of the apathetic type right now, politics don’t really interest me.

Answer #13

I suppose we’ll see. Many a candidate has had built their campaign on the road of lofty promises of reform and better governing only to have been sequestered by the leading party to tow the party line. As you say, I too hope I’m wrong. Time will tell.

Answer #14

gasmanobt3, Obama is trying to be a different kind of candidate. He is not playing the ususal politics. He has taken the high road all along, and is not beholden to anyone.

Answer #15

“ agree with amblessed, for, morals supersede any party affiliation, and I’m registered republican and, of course, a conservative: I ranch! If one is pro-choice, they will not get my vote, simple as that.”

Yes I see, very simple. Or maybe simple-minded is more accurate. So it doesn’t matter what other stance a candidate takes as long as they aren’t pro-choice. Does jesus condone the death penalty, or unnecessary war, or turning your back on the poor, or allowing gun violence to continue? Are none of these pro-life issues?

Your myopic view of the world is rather sad.

Answer #16

“Shouldn’t it be right wing or left wing?”

Well, “liberal” and “conservative” used to mean completely different things than they do now, at least in North America and Western Europe. The American Founding Fathers considered themselves liberal, because back then conservatives supported a monarchy and a social order that divided nobles and commoners.

The key is to not lock yourself into a category. You want to research and learn all you can about everything that’s going on, approaching each issue by thinking critically.

Answer #17

liberal. but the thing with politics is that people care more about the petty things (like gay marriage and abortion) than what really matters like the war and our floundering economy. -gay marriage is a state decision, the likelyness of it being legalized or illegalized in federal govt is quite unlikely. -abortion-will never be illegal (and if it is people will find a way to get it done illegaly and it will be unsafe. Like in Ciderhouse Rules.)

thats my perspective at least

*btw (I would personaly never have a abortion but I’m not really for bombing abortion clinics either. and as far as gay marriage people should just be nice and give everyone a equal chance for happiiiness. I’m a bisexual so I’m nottt anti gay)


Answer #18



Answer #19

I’m a liberated conservative. ;)


Answer #20

lololol @ religion is good.

Answer #21


Answer #22

Very conservative type. And, I love being that way!

Answer #23


Answer #24

“I’m a liberated conservative.”

Wouldn’t that would make you a democrat?

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