Are these good set lists?

My band has 2 upcoming shows so I was wondering what everyone thinks of the setlists.

First show (crowd-teens to adults): Impression that I get by mightymighty bosstones Story of a girl by nine days Rubix cube (original) Jersey by mayday parade Superman by goldfinger Black and white (original) Be my escape by relient k Hanging by a moment by lifehouse

Second show (crowd-teens):

Remebering sunday by all time low Hero song (original) Down to mexico by paul gilbert First date by blink 182 Black and white (original) Hey joe by jimi hendrix Jersey by mayday parade Dammit by blink 182 Bat country or unholy confessions by avenged sevenfold

Answer #1

BLINK -182 FOREVER Why there isnt THE DISTILLERS any song?

Answer #2

I’d probably move “Hey Joe” to the first show, and shift either “Hanging by a Moment” or “Story of a Girl” to the 2nd show.

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