Are relationships or school more important?

What is more important in highschool? Grades or having serious relationships? Opinion please?

Answer #1

Obviously school…

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Answer #4

school is important. you can always find someone,but if you’re lucky you can balance the 2 out and it’s not that hard. good luck

Answer #5

School is by far. no doubt school. its your life right there.

Answer #6

fer me, school is more important than relationships. im not saying that serious relationships arent important, but you can always have serious relationships after high school and your education is important in life. if you can do deal with having a serious relationship and focusing on school without too much stress, then try doing both I can manage my time so Im focusing on high school and im having a serious relationship (:

Answer #7

no, not “obviously school.” ignore that snide comment. it depends on what you want to do with your life. do you want to have a family? are you going to marry a rich man? then school is not as important.

Answer #8

I’m a dude. A straight dude. And I make all A’s. I see all my friends that are in ‘love’ and are really serious. And they seem pretty happy but their grades fall pretty bad when they get really serious. Oh and also I plan to be that rich dude.

Answer #9

I think that school comes first… lol. ull have time for relationships after. I mean, isnt it better that you should be secure, make sure you get into college and have a job before you get into a big relationship? lol. I don’t know

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