Are loans a good option?

when you are short of money, what is your best option–loans or some other means?

Answer #1

yeah if you need something fast but it takes so long to pay it off and puts you into debt trust me if you need money try to get a good paying job because sometimes these so called loaners trick you than you have to pay their money or you won’t get anything because of your credit or they can sue you and sometimes it takes years to pay them back best bet like I said get a decent job or hustle(legally)

Answer #2

lones are good if are able to pay them back if you get a lone and are not able to pay them back they your intrest rates wi;; skyrocket and you be in trouble

Answer #3

never take a loan love. you must understand money management before borrowing a single dollar. there is no reason in this world that one needs a loan. it is only letting go of your pride and ego (false image). you can find a place to live for free, eat for free, get clothes for free. Keep working everyday on a temp job (whatever job you can get to get by the day - without sacrificing your principles and values) and keep looking for a permanent, more stable job. Quite simply - you are short of money because you need to work through this by increasing your income not by borrowing. Cut your expenditure (without compromising safety) and increase your income and you will have come out a winner from this well learned life experience. Good Luck

Answer #4

Best thing is to lower your expectations a little. (Parents tend to call this “living with-in your means”.) Try to better your job prospects. Or get another job. If you must get a loan, get a low rate (and pay it back AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Do NOT miss payments.) Loans for THINGS, like cars are a lower rate than personal loans, or lines of credit. Join a credit union (that will help you save, and their rates tend to be lower, and loans easier to get.)

Good Luck, crazydoc !!

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