Are ipods evil

I know technology is supposed to help us but I am fed up with my IPod! I am just about ready to put it thru a wall!

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Smash it, kill it, destroy it!

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Hey, I got one of those ipod station things for Christmas.. it is pretty cool, you just let your ipod sleep in there and that way you know where it is every moment of the day... and you can set 2 different alarms to wake to ipod..

Are iPods evil?

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ooohh!! Do it!!!
I want someone to actually smash an ipod on the wall.
Im more into Microsoft music Zunes.
Most computers are compatible with Zunes and Ipods..well you need to download the Itunes software in order to download songs into them..I hate that.

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If it's not working, if you want I can try to help you with it...

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What is it that so bothers you about iPods? I love mine for working out at the gym.

2 ipods on 1 computer you must share the music
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But I love Itunes.. its really organized and fast.

Ipods or mp3's

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I find them really helpful..
like for airplanes..
or working out.

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I could buy it e-mail me at

What makes iPods so special?

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I think ipods/mp3 players are cool and fun for a lot of activities...they are kind of addictive though...

Baby Evilness
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I thought that ipods were evil until I discovered that my clickwheel ipod didn't like the latest itunes download, so I googled for an older version, downloaded it and the ipod is working like a charm. The songs started to skip without warning, then I couldn't restore as the ipod wasn't recognised in itunes and it wouldn't sync. I was ready to throw it through a window. But now everything is just perfect, so try that.

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