Are Gmail accounts deleted for inactivity?


I’ve had the same Gmail account for personal emails for YEARS. I’m looking to create a new Gmail account under a new and more “professional” name, not one that represents my childhood, practically.

But I have thousands of messages in my current Gmail that I don’t want to lose when I create a new account. Is there a fast, easy way to transfer them? Or should I leave my old account stagnant to keep the emails? (I’m wondering also if Gmail deletes inactive accounts…if they do, this won’t work).

Any help is appreciated!

Answer #1

I think you can download them all via their pop settings…there might be a tutorial on their site, let me know if you need help finding it.

In terms of deleting an account for inactivity, I know Hotmail does that, but b/c Gmail is a newer service, they might not, just to “fluff” the subscriber number…eg, not that many actively use the service, but the number of subscribers listed is the total number, not active users.

Hope that helps.

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