Are all boys the same

Arr all boys the same.. Like,, do they only think about 1 thing(sex)

Answer #1

not just sex. we think about food, women, cars, sports, sleep, and drinking too :D

Answer #2

no I think of the actil relashinship I think it bad for a relasinship to be based on sex

Answer #3

sex based relationships dont last. but I did read a statistic once that the average guy thinks about sex an average of every 7 seconds, consciously or subconsciously… sounds crazy I know.

Answer #4

no not all guys are like that, now adays a huge percentage are like that but not all. sad to say huge percentage of guys are like that.

Answer #5

No, not all guys think only about sex. I admit that it does enter our minds a lot, but not always in a bad way. Girls seem to think that they’re the only ones who see the emotional/ connection (and perhaps spiritual) side of sex and that is a fallacy. It just depends on the guy :).

Answer #6

no some people are actually asexual which means they dont want to ever have sex and have bno desire to have it and quite a lot of men are gay everyone has a different personality and preferance what one person likes, another wont and vice versa there is no one thing that everyone in the world can connect with

Answer #7

The answer is yes, We all have that male instinct in us. There are many who can control this instinct, but there are many that choose to act upon them without restraint. Just pay attention and you can tell the difference. Usually the ones who change after you don’t give them what they want are the ones to stay away from.

Answer #8

guys are very complicated most of the time, one day they want you the next they could care less. and yes most guys all they think about is sex.

Answer #9

not really I know a few guys that are with their gurlfriends for the relationship and for her not sex

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