Apps on ipod touch?

How do I get apps on my ipod touch?

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You xould either do that from your ipod or your PC..
But you'll still need the PC to download from your
1. Open itunes > itunes store.
2. Then find the 'free' app you want and click download.
It will ask you if you have an account or not..
If you do, enter your password if you dont create a new one.
Note: While creating you account you'll have to choose a visa card
or whatever they call it.. But you choose 'none' since you want the free ones.
3. Its better if you make it using gmail, because you can sync your contacts
from your gmail.. 'optional'
4. After creating your account 'I THINK' you have to confirm.. I cant remember.
5. Now.. You go to the itunes store on itunes orthe app store on
your ipod touch, and you download free stuff.. Theyll ask for your password..
And after you download the apps on your itunes.. You sync the ipod.. So that
they can go on your ipod.
Hope I helped. Have a great day!!
( if you need more help with ipods and iphones fun mail me)
I've experienced all ipods ( oldies and newies ) and now iphones. Lol since I was
in fifth grade!!! Haha!!

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if connetected to wifi download them directly to your ipod via the preinstalled app (app store.) Or, go in the app store on your pc/mac, download the apps you want and sync them to your ipod as you would with a song.

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either go to the app store while on your ipod or go on itunes> then pick one to download and next time you synch your ipod it should be on there.

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