What is the approximate area of Nevada in squared miles?

Answer #1

110,567 square miles

Nevada ranks 7th in size among the 50 states. The total area of Nevada is 110,561 sq mi (286,352 sq km), with land comprising 109,894 sq mi (284,624 sq km) and inland water covering 667 sq mi (1,728 sq km). Nevada extends 320 mi (515 km) E-W; the maximum N-S extension is 483 mi (777 km).

Source: Google :)

Answer #2

Thank you. I got 110,622 in a geometry problem that asked me to get the area of it. It showed the West edge of Nevada being 205m long. The East side was 511m long. The height, from East to West, was 309m long. So they were showing a perfect trapezoid, without the bottom looking-like thing, So that’s why I got a bigger number. I just wanted to check and see if the area was close enough.

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