Approving friends?

Everytime my friend tries 2 request me it says I have to approve !I DON’T KNOW HOW!!!

Answer #1

You should get a e-mail saying someone would like to be added as one of your friends, then it will give you a link to go to and that adds them. If you want people just to be able to add you then go to you profile, on the left says ‘ edit my profile ‘ once you are there at the very top says ‘Friend Management’ click there and chose which one you want.

Answer #2

Its just a wierd system. I don’t know how to approve b/c I haven’t been asked to be someone’s friend. :-( Its okay though. Click contact us on the bottom of the webpage and ask them.

Answer #3

Check your mail to find the request. If you want it to be automatic, go to your profile, edit my profile, friend management, and then let people add you automatically

Answer #4

u have to go to edit profile go to the frien d thing then click the 1 thats not picked.

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