how do you approach a guy you like with out like scaring him?

Answer #1

just talk to them you will get what u want

Answer #2

do you have any suggestions on how i should tell them that i like them though?

Answer #3

the direct approach but in a diplomatic way!

Most guys like the playing game…us females like to cut to the chase…

my best advice…try to arrange a date…but rather then call it a date call it an event…2 friends having a nice cup of coffee or anything else. Enjoy each others company without actually hinting the “I like/love you part”

Make it fun, simple and exciting…try a lot of conversation…see the way he reacts…body language is the key source here.

If he stairs at you a lot he likes you or is undressing you with his eyes. If he seriously seems to be paying full attention to you then you have a winner!

good luck to ya.

Answer #4

do it in private when no one else is much easier, less presure

Answer #5

say “ hey watsup? i notices your _ “ aka- just strt a normall convorsation and dont act really wierd

Answer #6

just be yourself :)

Answer #7

#1 your 17 do the typical 17 year old thing flirt laugh at all his jokes even the ones that aren’t funny, play with his hair etc. he will pick up on it. If he doesn’t ask you out but he seem comfortable with you touching him being close to him hugging him etc. then ask him out because he’s a teenager and he’s to nervous to actually ask you out. Just be like hey do you want to go out on a date sometime? suggest that you see a movie or go out to dinner but make sure he knows your asking him on a date and he will prolly say yes. But just because you asked him out he should still pay lol

Answer #8

But even tho you asked him out he should still pay*

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