Is there an app that can recognize songs?

Like if I hear a song when I’m out, or on the radio and they don’t say what song it is I get annoyed because they’re usually good songs. So is there an app that can recognize lyrics,beats,etc and tell you what song it is?

Answer #1

aw crap. I know there is but forgot what it was called. but to answer your question; yes.

Answer #2

alrite well if you remember what its called it would be aprreciated

Answer #3

Tunatic and Shazam are apps that do that:

Answer #4

Yupp. Shazam

Answer #5

i have on verizon a good one. it isn’t a smart phone either. it is called V cast song id

Answer #6


Answer #7

I always use yotube to find mine :)

Answer #8

On iPhone or iPod touch? It’s called shazam

Answer #9

on my iphone it is called soundhound it is the best i love it,!

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