Anyone know how to get rid of freckles?

I got quite a few from the sun over the last few weeks, and while I don’t particularly mind them, they are a bit to dark for me. Does anyone know any way of bleaching them out, should I choose to get rid of them?

p.s I am in fact wearing sunscreen when I go out for prolonged periods of time, and I am also making sure to use the proper lotions, but its the ones on my face that are bothering me the most. I just don’t like the fact that the freckles on my face have gotten much darker then what they used to be.

thanks in advance for your help.

Answer #1

Go to a dermatologist. If they are from the sun, you may want to get them tested just in case it may be something more. But a dermatologist is your best bet.

Answer #2

I think freckles are cute!



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