Anyone From The UK With a Boyfriend In Jail?

Alright, so the title sez it all!

My fella has got 3months and Im lost

He does this all the time! I cant break from him he my soulmate but we were apart xmas and new year because he was in jail now he will miss my 18th and ill miss his 20th b’day!!

He’s waisting his life, and I cant change it one bit, I just wana no if any young girl from the uk is going through the same

peace out x

Answer #1

im not from the Uk but I have dealt with the same thing the love of my life my babby daddy got locked up for 5 1/2 months and it was the hardest thing and worse thing ever is he missed the birth of his first son (well his first biological son) and it killed me but this wasnt the first time and after that it was the last time I told him next time he got locked up he would never see me or his family again and I told him that I loved him but I could be putting up with going up and down with emotions like that good luck

Answer #2

Don’t be ridiculous. if he was truly your soulmate he would have more consideration for your feelings than his own selfish behavior. it sounds like he couldn’t care less if you are upset to be without him and will continue this type of behavior, possibly pulling you down with him. many times women end up in jail because they were with their man when he committed a crime.

Either resign yourself to going through this cycle for years and keep your complaints to yourself, or move on. it will seem painful at first, but over time you will realize it was the right decision.

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