Anyone ever did the gallon challenge?

I am planning on hosting a gallon challenge and pay participants but I want to make sure there arent too much of side effects. A gallon challenge is pretty much trying to drink a gallon of milk in an hour without puking. Has anyone here did it. How did you feel afterwards?

Answer #1

Never did it, but a guy did it on Inked.

He threw up after guzzling the milk in about 15 minutes. I’d drink it slowly if anything. If you drink it too fast, there’s too much time to barf it up.

Answer #2

Hmm side effects,… Severe brain damage Liver failure Alchohal induced coma Death Don’t be an idiot…

Answer #3

im sure if anybody ever did it, theyre barf up! or feel extremely sick..

Answer #4

That’s utterly moronic.

Answer #5

how can you get death, liver damage, or brain damage from chugging a gallon of milk????? Thats what a gallon challenge is. Chugging a gallon of milk and not vomiting.

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