Anyone else have school off the rest of this week?

I dont have school the rest ofthis week. Does anyone else have it off? I think here in elkhorn, wi were the only ones but I don’t know.

Answer #1

I have school how sad your luck but why dont you have school??

Answer #2

I wish I was still in school so I could get a vacation! Being in the working world sucks.

Answer #3

I go to the college I attend once a week and have the rest of the week off since I have online classes as well. So, I have off the rest of the week until next Monday. Then that’s when I go back to the college.

Answer #4

we have school of because of some gay teacher meetings

Answer #5

its half term in northern ireland so I get a week off!!lol lucky me!!

Answer #6

I wish I did…Lucky you :)

Answer #7

yep, off school for a week, it sucks though couse it is sooo BORING!

still what’s worse, sitting in a really boring french or german lesson, or being bored on the computer?

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