Anybody pro animal testing?

I just want to know why people dont think animals have rights or why they choose to be involved in animal testing

If you have to please answer under under anonymous I just want to know why someone believes in animal testing. Thanks.

Answer #1

My opioun ok. Don’t bother giving me a lecture because you feel you are thinking the correct thing. You think what you like.

Answer #2

I am 100% against it for make up and medical reasons. The way they treat the animals is digusting!

Answer #3

I am, because animal testing is essential for medical research. Some medicines could not be developed safely at all without animal testing, and others would take years longer to develop if animal testing was not possible.

Those absent or delayed medicines result in people dying who could have been cured. If the choice is between the lives of laboratory animals and those of humans, I would unhesitatingly choose the humans, every time.

Answer #4

I support animal testing, to a point. I dont think cosmetics should be tested on animals, but medicine, yes. so many vaccines and cures for diseases have came from animal testing. millions of lives have been saved, and millions more could be. animal testing for glamour is not right. thats simply us playing into vanity. but if we can save lives by doing it, I fully support it.

Answer #5

u no the people that do the test’s might not want to do tests on the animals but forced by the government and a lot of people know that I hate the government because ther the ones that want the animal testing done

Answer #6

Well, you said “the way they treat those animals is disgusting” - do you know how scientists treat laboratory animals? Generally, they’re treated really well. And how do you justify the inevitability of unnecessary human deaths if animal testing was not allowed?

Answer #7

I don’t really care what you have to say. My own opion I don’t go preaching to you.

Answer #8

I already knew those facts.

Answer #9

Certainly you’re welcome to hold an opinion. But wouldn’t you rather be an informed one based on facts?

Answer #10

I think lab rats and mice are pretty much the easiest to keep for testing cause they reproduce like no other and are breed for that. but for cosmetics would be stupid like chimps or monkeys. I am for lab testing. like arachnid said I would rather save a human from experimentation than an animal.

Answer #11

I am because millions of lives have been saved. Little animals die in the process but many lives were saved. People kill animals for food every day. This is much more sane than that. Humans have a much more valuable life than animals do.

Answer #12

I am 100% against it for make up and medical reasons. The way they treat the animals is digusting!

So, just to be clear, you’d prefer that people die of preventable diseases because the cures couldn’t be developed without animal testing?

Also, if you think they treat animals poorly, you’ve been looking at too much animal rights propaganda. Labs follow strict standards on treatment of lab animals, and the scientists themselves are hardly keen to engage in cruelty.

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