Anyone know the answers to these serial killer questions?

I need to know the answers to these questions about serial killers, but I dont know any of them, and dont really know how to find them. so does anybody know the answers to any of them?

here are the questions:

  1. In the film “American Psycho,” what does the ATM machine tell fictionalized serial killer Patrick Bateman to feed it as he approaches it?
  2. How many victims did Ted Bundy confess to killing?
  3. What was Ed Gein’s middle name?
  4. David Berkowitz, better known as the son of sam, had another moniker based on his main weapon of choice. What was it?
  5. What was the name of Jack the Rippers first victim in the infamous Whitechapel murders?


Answer #1

1.Feed me a stray cat

  1. 29 3.theodore 4.44 caliber Charter Arms Bulldog 5.Emma Elizabeth Smith,

remember: Wikipedia is your friend. :] thats how i found all this stuff, it took me like 5 minutes. need to find anything else just ask.

Answer #2

i misread number 4 his other name was 44. caliber killer.

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