Any suggestions for losing belly fat?

I am only barely 5 feet and I weigh 125. I was always only around 100 and it seemed like when I started my birth control, thats when I put on all the weight. I never really had a problem with my stomach until now...I'm actually starting to see rolls...what would be the best way for me to lose the fat? I want to at least lose the fat first and then try to tone it by doing sit-ups or something...but any suggestions would be appreciated...thank you!

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Cardio - try walking/running/jogging. Cardio is good for the heart, which helps you burn fat throughout your body, which will take it off your belly. Don't forget to sleep.

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birth control can have the afffect of gaining or losing weight depending on the person. the best exercise to lose the fat and tone up all of your muscles is to swim. It's a full body exercise and works muscles that you didn't een know you had.

How do I lose belly fat?

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This article gives some good advice for how to lose stubborn belly fat:

He also explains why belly fat situates where it does.

Hope it helps!

How do I lose belly fat without exercising outdoors?
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When i started taking my birth control i got a bit bigger to, i went to my doctor and he said that its from the last week of you pack ( 28 packs) if you are taking the pill with 28 pills ask you doctor if its okay to not take the last row ( when ur on your period) or try swithcing to a 21 pack because the last row is only a reminder row & in most kinds of birth control that last row is maid out of a type of sugar and there is no meds in it witch makes you bigger. Anyways try looking at whats in the ingredients and talk to your doctor...
then continue on eating healty and excersie and ur be back to ur size in no time
HOpe this help

How can I lose belly fat?

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I'm not really too sure but trying pulling in your tummy. Really pull in and squeeze hard. Try to keep the squeeze going. Don't just do it for a few moments then stop. Do it all day everyday. This will help to strengthen your tummy mussels as somethimes after child birth your mussles loosen and you will have to build them back up again.

If you try to lose your belly, will your boobs shrink?
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thanks for the advice guys!!

losing the belly?

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