How to make your hair grow without damaging it?

Does any one know a way of making your hair grow quicker without damaging it ? I use to have hair down to my bum for years but then I had it cut past shoulder length for a change but regret it !!

any help ? x

Answer #1

I’m not sure, some pharmacies have it, but other than that maybe a pet shop?

around here there is one specific place you can buy it.

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Answer #3

if nothing else works try horse shampoo,it’s also very cheap and it helps hair grow fast, but it doesn’t smell really nice.

Answer #4

My hair is in very good condition which is very good :) I always look after my hair it just seems to drag on when its growing, and yeah my friend told me about the folic acid stuff I uesd it for a while but it dissagreed with me !!

Your advice was very good thanks :) any other advice ? x

Answer #5

get a folic acid supplement at your pharmacy (it’s very cheap) and it makes your hair grow really fast. also add some bayrum and bergamot oils to your shampoo to help improve the condition of your hair.

Answer #6

oh okaii, do you know where you can get this from >? x

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