Any hope for water damaged lg cell and sim card.

Hello I accidently spilled a drink on the LG phone that was given to me by a friend as I am arguing with At&T regarding my stolen iPHONE, it looks as though I am not going to get a replacement and The timing couldn't be worse, I just gave birth to my baby boy, "Shane" who was stillborn. Now I can turn on the phone, however, it is not opening up contacts, txt's , etc...Please Help with advice is the phone a gonner because only means of communication I have. Also, when I took Sim car out and dried phone I noticed a few things, one under the battery there is a small circle by sim card, color inside is pink??? is that normal???
Also, I am about to order a phone from At&t, obviously , not theiphone...booohooo, do you have any comparible recomm. being that I will need this because when iphone was stolen, my macbook pro laptop was too! Any recomm would be great...want music, good photos, daybook, organizer and INTERNET, may be only form of internet I can afford for awhile. So far only was recommended #1 Blackberry Bold, HTC Fuse, samsung blackjack or new Nokia E1 something or other.
Thanks a MIllion,

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quickly turn off your phone, and put the phone in a bowl of rice. the rice will absord the water.

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and leave the phone off for about a week.

water damage to my mother board

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