Any good nicknames i can call myself?

I want a nick name I can go by!I was thinking of buca,ritz,or smiley .they might b kind of dumb but could you give me some good nick names or say that you like the ones I kind of like?!=d

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The best nick names come from ironic and/or funny situations you get into with friends. It doesn't seem legit when you give yourself the nickname.

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You can't just pick your own nickname. That's not natural, a friend should be the one to bring it up. Nicknames come from some sort of experience or such.

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Like if you have a fun personality then just do somthing like bubble or geek its ok to give you insulting names just knowing others arnt sayind it to you u'll be fine

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sorry buddy I'm ritz that is a no go buca is probly the best one there just remember you want your nickname to be unique not share it with 50,000 people DO NOT USE RITZ!!! ttyl

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I agree with nerd. Your friends come up with the best nicknames because they know you the most and have been through some of the funniest times in your life with you. Just ask them to come up with you if you really want one. If you come up with it yourself, it isn't as funny.

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my nick names is butter from my parents because I was so yellow when I was born but my real name is quiaira and people call me kiki.
or my nickname from a funny situation that happened in the 5th grade is NANAS because for snack tyme I brought a whole big bunch of bananas because I love them!

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WELL! I guess you showed us...

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forest gump...hahahahahahha...

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poopy pants..hahahahaha

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im going to ask my friends if they like the name and they will say if it suites me or not!

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ya poiple say you cant pic your nickame but I say you can cose I meen you dont always get a nickname sometimes you do something realy funny or stupid and nobody comes up with a nickname so sometimes you just have to give yourself one

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