Any free typing job to earn money online?

Is there any free typing job which helps a beginner to start making money online. And at the end the cheque comes to the hand. It should not ask any money to purchase the start up kit. It should be very fair deal and free to join. If any body has got some idea please share it with.

Answer #1

I agree this work

Answer #2

Nope, not that I know of. “typing jobs” where it’s just like data entry typically pay very low wages & would be very competitive, as any with an internet connection in a 3rd world country would be competing for such a job.

Answer #3

Hello Guys!

There are 95% online jobs are scam on internet, So it’s very difficult to find the real online job.

Only few of them are genuine.

One of the Best Genuine company is-


Answer #4

I don’t believe there are any everybody ,changes the wording and we all end up on the site and they get paid for our stupidity

Answer #5

Hi, At present I’m jobless, and I don’t have any money to invest. But I know typing and I know to work online. Is there any company giving online job without asking for any registration amount. Well, I can pay them after I start receiving my money or they themselves can take the commmision and can send my cheque.Thank You.

Answer #6

want any typing jobs

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