any else play final fantasy

anyone here play final fantasy? and if you do whats your favorite. and you all better say 7 is the best! lol because it is. red 13 is the coolest

Answer #1

LOL I think cait sith is a horrible character. except his limit break is one of the best. I always wondered what happened if you name red 13 Nananaki from the start lol

Answer #2

I’m a big time FF fan. FFVII is still the best. Can’t wait for the 2 new FF’s being released on the ps3(one being a new MMORPG).

Answer #3

Thats my fav FF game to date. Nanaki (Red XIII) Is the BEST! Then Cait Sith and 3rd Aries Gainsbrough

Answer #4

dude man. I miss the game. they need to remake it for the ps3…only game to make a grown man cry ya know. lol but yeah. red 13 does crap all over cloud lmfao

Answer #5

YEAAHHH! :P Im currently playing through ff7. and yeah Red XIII is the coolest. he craps all over cloud.

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