any cheat for sims 2 pets!? help pls

I just recently got the game sims 2 pets..and I realised that the amount of people and animals you can have in 1 house is limited to 8..both animals and there any type of cheat I can use to make the household capacity bigger..8 people and animals are too little..its like..if I have 5 pets..then I can only have 3 people…I wanna have around 2 kid and also more dogs and cats if possible…

Answer #1

When you are in a neighbourhood, hold down Shift, Ctrl and C. This opens a little box at the top of the page. Type in EXACTLY what is here: BoolProp Testingcheatsenabled true

Click Enter and that enables cheats. When you are in a family, hold shift and select someone. Click on ‘Spawn’ and tombstone of life and death. There you can add family members

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