Any animation softwares for making games like Final Fantasy?

Does anyone know any animation softwares for making games like Final Fantasy? My computer teacher said you need a whole studio and many softwares to make games like these it’s not just one animation software yet my brother’s friend used some final fantasy characters to make his own ps2 game at his house using only 3D Max.

Answer #1

Well it depends what kind of Final Fantasy are we talking about? FF1 - 6 (2d) or FF7 - 13 (3d)? there is some software that I used to use called RPG Maker (google it) and if you like it you can buy it from them or torrent it for free (illegal) its pretty easy to use but the only thing is its more like the FF1-6 games I have been looking for a 3d rpg maker but no luck yet, if you do decide to get it and need help with it just send me a message I can always help.

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