How to deal with my upcoming surgery?

okay, so im 13. and I have to get this surgery in a few days. im deadly scared and I cant stop crying no matter how much my family tells me that I wont feel a thing. please tell me how to be less afraid. its really stressful.

Answer #1

It’s really normal to feel like that before an operation. Gosh, even the toughest big guys have a hard time psyching themselves up for an operation.

You’re worried about the unknown and you don’t know how much it’s going to hurt. When you get checked into the hospital, part of your pre-op should be talking to some of the doctors or PAs about whats going to happen. Make sure they spend enough time with you and bring a list of questions to ask. Don’t worry, you’ll be through it all in no time. And guess what else? A lot of people enter the field of medicine after having gone through operations when they were younger. Look at it as a unique opportunity to learn more about the body, and it may make you feel a lot better about going through it.

Some people, before a big event, are very nervous for the days before, then on the day, they’re somehow magically calm and ready. Others show NO worry, then freak out completely on the day of the surgery. I think you belong in the first group :)

Good luck and let us know how it went!

Answer #2

well dependin on what kind of surgury it is chances are you;ll be put to sleep by either I’ve or gas. you won’t feel a thing I swear!! if you get put to sleep by I’ve it’s just a shot and it only hurts for a second or two. if you do gas then just remember it doesn’t stink and you are asleep in under 3 minutes. and they make sure you are totally asleep before they start the actual surgury so there is no possible way for you to feel any pain. I had to get 4 teeth pulled and some stuff done in my mouth and when I woke up I asked when they were going to do it… and my mom was like ‘’uuuhhh… they’ve finished 3 hours ago…’’

Answer #3

My last lot of surgery involved my surgeon drilling into my head while I was awake, that was a few years ago, but it still feels like yesterday, all I was worried about was the nurses looking up my gown, because all I had on, the operating theatre was cold, while I was on the table, my surgeon had my head numbed and I couldn’t see or feel anything, the nurses were looking up under the sheet thing,to see if anything was wrong with my eyes as my surgeon did his job, I was just really nervous because they could see everything, because I had no knickers on.

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