Would you invest in elastic bricks, wireless chargers, or?

Would you invest in;
-elastic bricks
-wireless battery recharger
-plants that are nitrogen based?
-wood stronger than titanium?
-instant food( something this size->( ) would turn into a tripple wopper with water)
-everlasting food

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elastic bricks would probably be good
...say if a car were to crash into a house...
it would bounce of the bricks...that could be uselful
instant food though should solve the world hunger problem
...which really could be solved right now though if huge food stores stoped throwing out food and gave it to them!

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don't invest at all. It's kind of a trick question for the entertainment of others.(physics arent there)

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good question...instant food or everlasting food..the other I dont realy see any need for .

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