My boyfriend wants to finger me, should i ?

My boyfriend wants to finger me, should I ?
Im 13, hes 14
And if you say yes should I shave like compelty?
Or what?

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if you're not ready then just say that to him..

and I don't advise shaving.. EVER ... if you wanna get rid of the hair down there then your better to get it waxed by a professional... if you shave it will itch like hell and you'll get a red spotty rash so your better to just leave it as it is...

hope this helps

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No. First off you guys are really young just wait a while. Second if hes 14 and trying to do that you'd better tell him to lay off the porn. haha. It would be wise to wait but the decision is yours dont let him push you into it until your actually commited/ comfortable.

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No, I don't think he should finger you :|

But thats my opinion.

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your only should wait a few years but if you do then yes I would shave.

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