another tricky chemist problem

A man walks in to a chemists office and seems to look embarrased.He whispers something in to the chemists ears.The chemist then takes out his gun,points it at the man and then the man smiles,thanks the chemist and leaves. What did he whisper in to the chemists ears?

Answer #1

Ahh..did he ask d chemist if he wud show his gun or sumthin!? scratches head umm..Wow..I have no idea on this 15boy s answr ws a gud1 though

Answer #2

I ws right?wow..thats wierd

Answer #3

You’re right.He just told him to point the gun at him.

Answer #4

15Boy you’re funny!Anyways that’s not the answer.

Answer #5

haha, clever

Answer #6

wth? lol

Answer #7

the man had hiccups and told the chemist to scare him =D

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