Annoying brother

Do you have a brother that is crazy like a monkey and won’t leave you alone and that always gets into you stuff all the time like your personal stuff and hurts your animals.. And pops your soccer ball lol well if you think so reply :)

Answer #1

Perfect description. He always gets into my stuff. He’s broken sooo much of my stuff. Hate waves

Answer #2

ugghhh yesss OMG hes annoying!! he never leaves me alone sometimes I just want to…ughhh lmao :D

Answer #3

OMG! that is a perfect description of my little bro! gosh he’s a crazy little dude!

Answer #4


Answer #5

yes yes yes theyre all older than me im 11 and theyre 12 14 and 16. how many do you have. I bet your luckyer then me ha lolz

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