Anime Songs

What’s your favourite anime songs? I need a few for something, but I can’t think of anymore. I’m killing my brain!!! or you could just name some :)

Answer #1

mmm… sorry, but I already have all of those.. :(

Answer #2

Take a look at my soft rock playlist. Most of it is from animes.

Zips and Trust are some of my favorites.

Answer #3

TANK! opening theme to cowboy bebop (my favorite) Real FolK Blues - end theme to cowboy bebop anything by the pillows they did the music on FLCL Fukai Mori - one of the end themes on Inuyasha (much more mellow, but I thought it was pretty.) Trigun had a pretty neat theme songs too… I dont’ remember what they’re called though. opening to full metal alchemist

that’s all I can think of right now.

Answer #4

what about the dragonballz japanese version theme song? Cha la, head cha la…

it’s been so long since I was really into anime… hasn’t been a good new story in years unless you’re some kind of serious anime junkie…

OH! get the Desert Punk ending theme… it’s so funny. “you start with one circle, then you add another circle. Then one more Big circle… and a raincoat blowing in the wind”

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