What are some anime shows that you would recommend?

Answer #1

Only one that I liked and have ever liked was Full Metal alchemist. Other than that I have no clue.

Answer #2

kay thanks!

Answer #3

Rurouni Kenshin i think you spell it, idk, it was ages ago. Dont watch it anymore.

Answer #4

Inuyasha!!!! <3 I love that show only it comes on at like 4 in the moring on Sundays

Answer #5

i would remember code geass, black butler, bacano, and the law of ueki.

Answer #6

InuYasha, bleach, kyo kara mou ( think it’s spelled thus way :/ ), full metal alchemist, prince of tennis, Card captor Sakura, etc. :)

Answer #7

I thought yogioh abridged was really funny and cool.

Answer #8

Fl Cl ( folly cooly

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