Who has seen the anime called Phantom?

Answer #1


Answer #2

not me.

Answer #3

What’s it about? I like anime, but totally have never heard of this one.

Answer #4

Bleach/Naruto is the best. :)

Answer #5

Ehhh, not my thing usually =P I like the really childish ones and couple more mature ones. I’ve never really watched much of either of those because I never got into them and their fanbase is retarded.

Answer #6

Their fanbase is retarded. Kind of combo breaked my mood but still enjoy them. :) What is your fav?

Answer #7

I keep intending to re-watch Cardcaptors and Beyblade, because they made my childhood awesome, and a few others I’m trying to get through right now are Scryed, and Paranoia Agent. I’d also recommend Elfin Lied, there a bit of violence and nudity, but the story line is pretty good.

Answer #8

Oh my god. Beyblade! I used to play with those little toys a while back!

Answer #9

^_^ They’re great.

Answer #10

It about assassins…cant really explain it. If you look it up you would probably like it.

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