Who likes anime?

who here likes anime and what is your fav, anime show?

Answer #1

I love anime o and my list of animes can really go on and on so I wont write it out ^_- tee hee

Answer #2

I love anime… I like Avatar, Inuyasha, and Ranma

Answer #3

I LOVE ANIME, probly say im otaku, I guess, I love every anime that goes on as long as it doesnt have any ‘hentai’ in it ;p

Answer #4

What is Anime !!??

Answer #5

Avatar is good but its more cartoon than anime.

Answer #6

naruto for me =]

Answer #7

I like anime and my fav is inuyasha

Answer #8

I am a anime lover I have most of vampier knight anime books and naruto and bleach is there a anime book for blood+ tell me if so and I like inuyasha and full metal alcamist well I like all things anime :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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