what is the differences between jaguar and cheetah

Answer #1

They are both part of the cat, feline category but they are different animals. The jaguar is bigger than the cheetah but the cheetach is much more faster (he may be the fastes animal on earth). Also, there is a difference between their furs, the fur of the cheetah is tan with round black spots. The base coat of the jaguar is generally a tawny yellow, but can range to reddish-brown and black. The cat is covered in rosettes for camouflage in its jungle habitat. The spots vary over individual coats and between individual Jaguars: rosettes may include one or several dots, and the shape of the dots varies

Answer #2

heeyaa, one of the diffrences is that the cheetah stays pregnant for longer (seems a bit weird) but its true lots of cheetahs have been know to stay pregnant for longerx

Well I hope I helpedxx bye,byexx

Answer #3

another difference is that they live on different continents, the jaguar here in the americas, and the cheetah over in africa.

it is cool to note that jaguars have been extending their range into the southern united states, so the possibility of encountering one is kind of good in the texas and new mexico area.

Answer #4

…and don’t forget the cheetah’s extraordinary short-distance speed: it can go from 0 to 60 mph in only 3 seconds flat - mind you, they can’t keep it up for long. But this speed was one reason why they have been used as hunting cats since Classical times - like most other cats, they never become truly domesticated, but will work with humans.

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