Anger please help!!!

I have been angry all of my life I am 17 and I am to the beaking point, to where I just dont know what else. I am currently going to a therapist, I am on medication, but all of this angr that my mom sauce me to have I can control it any more all of this bottled anger is going to come out eventually and I really dont want it to hurt someone so I really need to know what to do how do I make it all stop?

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Try finding some way to let your anger out positevly.
*Try writing poetry or keeping a journal
* Take up wrestling, football, martial arts
* Find someone to talk to about everything (Ya... kinda cheesy but it helps)

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Try taking up a sport like kick boxing or any martial arts. It really helps focus your anger into some positive energy.

Taking long runs every day will also help calm you down, especially when you feel angry.

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You could punch a bean bag as well as taking up boxing.
Wow! that's a neat idea. You could also speak to your therapist as well to get all of your emotions out. Don't keep it in.

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I agree with bella_shadows
hitting something and taking your anger out on a bag is better than hurting someone.
you can all try writing it down, listening to music, taking walks, or simply screaming your lungs out.
hope I helped.

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I swear to god what I'm about to tell you really works for me. Kickboxing. Not a stupid little Aerobics Kickboxing but a reall class that you get to punch the sh** out of bags. I get so angry and dont know what to do. So I save it for class time. Its great. Good luck. :)

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umm well see I was like that too and like you have to finde a place to let it all out anda sport will help a lot like I do dance and it helps. Sometimes music will help too and you might not just be mad you could be sad and it might be comeing out in anger well if you want something els to do just msg me =] I hope I helped

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You Could Go Talk To A Counseler

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I think the whole sport of kickboxing or similar is a very good idea.

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