Anesthesthia + pot?

Im getting my wisdom teeth removed sometime next week and I went for a pre-op. They told me to tell them about any drugs that I've I asume they mean prescription which...I havnt taken any. Is it ok to smoke pot before? Im not sure. =s

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How about you ask your doctor? because you know, there arent any doctors here, and if it could kill you, you'd probably want to know? and dont make stupid assumptions like it means prescription drugs... they're doctors, which means they cannot report you unless you're a danger to self or others, so how about you tell the truth?

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I wouldnt recommend it. some Anesthesthia's has cocaine in it. lol

what are some ways to flush your system of pot quiqly?

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Don't smoke pot before going to the doctor.
You'll just make an fool out of yourself and end up getting grounded or something.

Pot or ciggs?

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