What are some of the same things with anatomy and physiology ?

I have to compare and contrast anatomy and physiology and have at least 3 things in each box and i need some things that are the same ASAP !

Answer #1

alright well i hope im not too late. but i was very good in both. well anatomy deals with the structure of the body. physiology deals with the function. um give me a min to thinkā€¦haha

Answer #2

well idk if this helps haha but they are both related to each other, anatomy is the structure while physiology focus on the function. and each structure of the body fits its function. the structure fits its function.

Answer #3

wow im srry for this i just cant think of things right now. i no i only gave u two but let me no if u need help with anatomy or physiology. i did very well in it. i had it last yr in college. got 100 in both haha

Answer #4

they are both biological sciences they are both concerned with the body of an organism they are interrelated as structure relates to function and vice versa. Sorry, thats the best I can come up with, which is terrible, I have an anatomy degree!

Answer #5

Anatomy describes and names the parts of the body. Physiology describes how these parts function.

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