What do you think of anarchy?

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anarchy brings about change and new government. its what our nation needs

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in theory it works perfectly.
But same with communism.

However I think we need it, or at least something close to it because our government is getting quite corrupt.

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I think we need it. our government is going down hill fast. its becoming horrible and I just think that anarchy is needed so much.

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as much as I love it
it just wouldnt work
people in general need that thing thats keeps (almost) everyone in line
they need to be told what to do, ect
without the government telling them what to do, they wouldnt know what to do
they wouldnt be bothered working, everything would get out of control
people in general can take care of themselves completely
they all need to be part of a system, that evolves around working, and getting payed for it, to buy homes, cars, food, ect
its all part fo a cycle that majority of the people cant live without
but I still love it and the idea
maybe when people can think for themselves and everyone did there own thing that didnt involve hurting or killing other people/things
maybe then it could be possible

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The group is a bit out of control, the violence is not needed,
but the same with the government. At least doesn't have anything to hide unlike all the secretes the government keep.
Actual Anarchy, I wouldn't mind. But people need something to keep them in order & to keep the peace. Unfortunately the government is the closes thing we have to a peace maker & to establish some since of "order"

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