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Why are some americans so ignorant about Canada?

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I live in Southern Ontario

  1. I have never seen a moose
  2. I live in a house
  3. We have summer
  4. I don't say "eh" constantly
  5. I'm not always polite
  6. I don't like back bacon
  7. I eat maple syrup once in a blue moon
  8. I've never seen a Mountie
  9. I've seen a beaver once in my life
  10. I don't have a snowmobile
  11. I don't drink Tim Hortons everyday
  12. I don't like hockey
  13. I've never seen a polar bear
  14. I don't live in the middle of nowhere. I live in a town of 188,000 people
  15. I don't speak French
  16. I don't say "oot" and "aboot"

However; 1. I do carry my health card with me at all times 2. I do say "zed"