What is the advantage in having an american express card?

What is the advantage in having an american express card? I have visa and mastercard cards but do’nt have an american express card. Should I get one or not?

Answer #1

Not sure if there is a clear cut answer on this. Different cards and different levels of cards have different advantages. Some cards have affiliates that give you rewards for using that card. I suppose if you have all the credit cards in the world, you have access to more of these rewards, but I wouldn’t say that any one card has better rewards than any others. In my mind, having another card just means having more fees to pay, and more temptation to spend money I don’t have. Actually, to really get advice on this, you may want to think about seeing a financial consultant, or simply read up on the card options on the American Express website, and see if you like what you find. Have you ever been unable to buy what you want because you needed an American Express card to buy it? Do you really need more plastic?

Answer #2

The advantage to having an American Express card is that you have no limit on spending. But you really should pay for everything you spent when the bill comes in. I know that used to AE you HAD to pay the full bill when it came in, but now I think they give you the option of making payments.

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