Amercan idol

How many people here think that adam lambert was robbed? I think he def. Was!!! Adam lambert is by far the most talented singer I have ever heard! I think that he should have won! I dont think amerca made the right choice!

Answer #1

He might have unfairly lost, but look at the past runner-ups, even the ones who were voted off really early in the competition. Most of them are more famous and have produced more albums than the actual winner (e. g. Clay and Reuben)

Answer #2

No one was robbed, in my opinion. Adam sings well, but Kris has the talent of actually playing instruments in addition to singing. I think Kris deserved it. They both actually did. They are BOTH talented people.

I think that both of them will be selling music in the future. Don’t worry too much about it!

Answer #3

To be honest with you, he’s great, and I so love his voiceee. america screwed up. so who cares if he’s gay, it’s about singing anyways! I LOVE ADAM! =D

Answer #4

adam definitely should of won!!! yeah kris plays piano and guitar but he cant sing that high and adam is gonna be like the next frecan led zepplin

Answer #5

Ya I totally agree that he should have won but I do feel sorry for kris because what if you won something and then on the news it says “Did America make the wrong choice?” But yes Adam should have won. Poor Kris. =(

Answer #6

Adam is probably the best vocalist on ANY Idol so far…I don’t understand why the vote was even close ?

maybe they arent in Adam’s class, but I enjoyed Allison,Kris,and Danny also…

Answer #7

I think that Adam should of won, out of the two guys on the show I think he truly had the biggest amount of talent. Everytime I heard him sing I felt like I was listening to someone who has been in the music business for their entire life. He should’ve won… but Kris is good too I’m just saying I think Adam was best of the two… (and the past seasons contestants) :)

Answer #8

Both very good and will be successful - the 100 million determined Kris was better.

Answer #9

Sorry I like Kris better, as I said before, Live in concert I think Adam would put on one h*ll of a show, but driving around and listening to a cd by far I would choose Kris. Adam was not robbed, now he can do what ever he wants without have a contract telling him what to do. He will be a star just like Daughtry, I thought he was robbed but he is doing great for himself, hey when you got it you got it and good things will happen. Adam will be just fine. but I will buy Kris’s Cd.

Answer #10

come on ,, america likes kris , and he won , it is not a big deal ..

Answer #11

lol yeehh!! hes an amazing singer!! and hes totally hott!

Answer #12

That show is rigged…Adam should have won.

Answer #13


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