Am i too young for masterbation

I'm a very young age (between 14 and 12, guess! lol.) and I've masterbated. I feel kind of weird seeing as I'm so young. Is it normal? Am I messed up? Please dont tell me I'm sick or anything.

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hey no your deffinitely not. im 13 (girl) and I've masterbated since I was 10. it just feels good... and its totally normal. if you feel up 2 it... and you have a really close friend (preferably of the opposite sex) you can even have phone sex with them and masterbate together! I do that sith my 1 friend like once a day.

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If you feel the urge then go for it. It's far worse if you don't, you just get stressed and cranky. Besides it just shows that you're a normal healthy teen with normal healthy desires.

Am I too young for masterbation?
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no way
I think
its a natural
part of life
and if someone does
say you should feel ashamed
its only because they cant satisfy
themselves like they no you can

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There is nothing to feel ashamed of, 93% of people do it,(even though most will not admit it) and most people start between the ages of 12-13. It's a normal part of life, and how is anyone going to please you later in life, if you dont know what you like?


Am I 2 young to masterbate??
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no way, im a girl, and thats about when I started! I do it quite often. like almost every day!!! its natural to start at that age. you are not a freak

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im 13
I rub myself thinking about things and sometimes finger myself I start shaking and have to stop because it feels weird but now in the middle of school I get these weird feelings and I dont no y
some one tell me please

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EVERYONE IN THE WORLD DOES IT!! believe it or not, I swear to god they do, and not DIRECTLY probably, but they have ONE way or another.

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personally I dont find anything wrong with it because I do it. a lot of friends I have do it and most young girls start masturbating or discovering ourselves in between the age of 12-14. it all depends on you if it hurts, stop because you can really hurt youself. the one really great thing about it is, you can do it all you want and your still a virgin

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I started masterbating when I was 10 years old. I am not much older than that though, only 13. A couple days ago me and my cousin (female) masterbated together. I masterbated her, and she masterbated me. And oh boy, it felt great. In my opinion, everyone should masterbate, wether their young or older, it doesnt matter. But...Most of my friends and I started masterbating and that lead onto porn...

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im 13 and masterbate 1-2 times a day, its fun and feels really good, plus i hear its healty for you too.

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I used 2 think masterbating was stupid but I tried it once and now I cant stop!!! ")

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haha yeah ima chick and I totally agree wit *wananhelpme33*
I have phone sex a lot tho so tecnically im not doin it all by myself

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Hi priovate. Please emamil me and lets talk about your felings. I can hjelp. I can also explain how it wotrks so you will be able to be in charg eo f it and not be afraid. It is not the best thing to let it become ahabit but at your age it is hard not to masturbate if you have done it. is a very strong desire to enjoy that feeling of orgasm. please ask me a priovate question if you like.

Am I too young for masterbation?
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I masterbate but only for a short period of time because I start shaking and breathing deeply is that normal?

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lol don't worry about it!! I started when I was like 9! LOL!! I'm a girl and I masterbate like 3 times a day! it's cool!

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theres nothing wrong with it. apparently it is good for your health,but it may get a bit messy,but you are only exploring your body so its only natural

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yea im 13 too girl haha and I mas*urbat almost everydya io fekt guilty and weird at first but now I know from here its totally normal ans its nothing 2 b ashmaed f..funmail me if ya wana

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to kayleee.
you start shaking because
you may be experienceing an orgasm
then you have those little schocks if
you keep going that may feel weird and
make you shake.
It's perfectly normal.
im 15 and I started very young.
It relieves stress also(:
Masturbating can also be a good way
to cheer yourself up if things aren't going too well.

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