am I too skinny?

am I too skinny? im a freshman. 5 foot 5 and 98.3 pounds?

Answer #1

eh, not to bad. Do what captainassassin said and eat cookies!

Answer #2

I’d say yeah…I’m 5’2” and at 108 people have accused me of anorexia. I mean if your metabolism is just too fast good for you I guess…but at 5’5” you should weigh at least 110 or thereabouts…

Answer #3

kind of, but thats ok, just exercize and gain some muscle, not too many guys like a girl with no meat on her bones… or butt :)

and go to google and search body mass index and it will tell you how much you should gain. a good bmi would be from 19 to 25. mines 21 :)

good luck!!!

Answer #4

Yep… eat cookies…

Answer #5

eating rules

eat cookies dont eat to mant cookies gain a little weght

Answer #6

yes but just a little eat some meat and exercize 2 gain muscle. ☺

hope dis helps! -♥- jessica

Answer #7

eat eat eat

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