Am I strong for my Age, Height and Weight?

well I started weight lifting 3 months ago im 5’6 or 5’7, I weigh 165 lbs and im 15. I can bench 145 lbs 6 times, becip curl 66 lbs 12 times, leg press 705 lbs 12 times, abdominal crunch 176 lbs 20 times and deadlift 242 lbs 6 times. Am I strong for my age??

Answer #1

Well, are you a boy or girl?


Answer #2

yes you are strong for your age and your around the right weight. im 17 and can only bench 100 lbs. my pride and joy are my legs I can leg press 770 lbs and run a few miles at a fast pace.

Answer #3

for Liberty im a boy lol

Answer #4

ohh yeaa well you sound pretty strong 4 me!!! sooo what sports do you play???

Answer #5

for katiee26 I just workout at the gym I dont really play any sports

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