If i get butt fucked will i get pregnant?

ok well me and my boyfriend Butt Fuc*ed about like 2 weeks ago.. and I was on my period. while me and him were doing that, I had a tampon in.. he didnt cum into me. although he was probably precuming a little bit. we were using lube.. and his precum prob. mixed in w/ it.. so after we were done and he cumed into a tissue, I went to the bathroom and I peed and changed my tampon, before a put anoter tampon in, I wiped throughly to make sure it still wasnt really lubricated, or untill it was dry. then I put the new tampone in .. but im thinking that when I put the new tampon in that the precum could of still been around the hole and I gotten on the tampon and then into me..
I dont really have a lot of symptoms of being pregnant...
I actually just weighed myself, and I lost 5 pounds
I do weirdly always have a sention that I have to pee all the time, but when I try to go.. I dont
and when ever I like push into my stomach, it hurts and I get like a quick cramp

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If you guys only butt fucked while you were on your period then no you would not be able to get pregnant just by you wiping yourself like that. Though you can be pregnant from previous encounters you may have had vaginally before your period started.

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ok all u should do is take the test thats all I did

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Yes. Semen may come out of your butt and enter vaginal walls. Then any fast sperm may race up to your egg (fertile days) and make you pregnant. So beware.

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Be careful dear. The sensation of needing to pee may be a slight Urinary Tract Infection. Clean those areas separately after sex. Use a baby wipe or washcloth after butt sex. As for your period, you had a tampon in and he came in tp you should be fine. To avoid any fear have him use a comdom, or be on birth control. No one likes the fear in back of you mind while tryibg to get sexy. Have fun and be safe.

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