Am I Pregnant? Is what im feeling symptoms of pregnancy?

My husband and I are trying to have a baby. I went off birth control around august 15 when my period last started. To play it safe in that I really wanted to get pregnant quickly at least everyother day we would “try” around august 16th I might have started to ovulate, I had normal substance one time throughout the day and then it went away. Is this cause it caught, I got pregnant? Since then im still curious as to weather anything stuck we continued to ‘try’ off and on after that. I’ve started about 4 days ago to get a very thick stringy substance once a day when I wipe. Now on sept 1 my nipples\ hurt bad and my breasts feel mushy(if that makes any sense), are either one of those a symptom? Im also hungrey all the time it seems. Wasting my money I have already taken 3 tests casue I really want to see a positive. But it wouldnt show up yet right? This next week or more is going ot be the longest of my life. How soon would the test be positive? Thanks for your help.

Answer #1

So we should continue to try up until my period is suppose to happen? even if it is after when I would have ovulated?

Answer #2

I remember when I wanted to have a baby so bad, I actually had symptoms and I wasnt pregnant,,,does that make sense? Just relax and it will happen..I learned that the more you “try” and are so focused on that, you most likely wont get pregnant..your body is dealing with anxiety. just relax and let it happen naturally.

Answer #3

I don’t know of anyone who had symptoms that early in pregnancy. I’m not saying that it’s impossible, being that every woman is different, but you should keep ‘trying’ until you start your period. If you don’t start and after you’ve been at least 3 days late, you should take a test.

Make sure you’re not stressing over it. Stress makes it harder for your body to conceive, so you want to go about your life as normal. And I don’t know if it sounds crazy, but after each time you ‘try’ lay with your legs propped up for a little while. Let gravity help get the sperm to your egg! lol Doctors have told friends of mine (they were also trying to have a child, and are now 7 months along) that this can help move things along.

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