He put his penis on the outside am i pregnant?

my boyfriend an di had oral sex about 2 weeks ago right after I finished my period and he touched his penis and then fingered me. and then he started to put his penis in me but I made him stop so he only touched around the outside of my vagina.could this make me pregnant? I dont have my period for another week or two and im nervous. I have had to pee a lot, but it coudl just be because im thinkging about it and freaking out. is it really that possible to get pregnant that way?

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Well I would say that it is highly possible.
Sorry to freak you out but my friend Alexis got pregnet that way.
Soo just either tell your parents or call the local children hotline where you can ask for advice or just ask any questions.

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well if he cummed and touched it and any of it got on or around your vagina its highly possible that you can become pregnant, but you have two weeks to go. wait about 3 weeks and take a pregency test..or see a local docter. sara, good luck

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I wouldn't say it's "highly" possible but in the right circumstances it is possible. If ejaculate got into your vagina then yes. If not then you shouldn't worry so much.

To prevent something like this happening in the future you should look into going on birth control or having another method handy (like a condom).

It's always good to have a "plan B" in case protection doesn't work. Look up your local Planned Parenthood http://www.plannedparenthood.org/ and look into getting birth control. If not, at least keep the number handy because they have resources available to you (like if you need the morning after pill for instance)

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u should get tested there is a possibillaty that you could be
so to be safe get tested
best of luck

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yes you could be pregnant get a test

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